Listing Brokers Specializing in Neighborhoods

When you are ready to buy a new home, there are a number of ways you can go about finding the perfect home. Some are based on what type of home you are looking for, others are based on whether you have a family or plan to start one. When it comes to shopping for homes, there is no right or wrong way to do so, only the way that works for you and is going to help you find your dream home.

Real Estate Agents in Seattle

As you have probably noticed there is a wealth of real estate agents and realty agencies in the Seattle area. While on the one hand this can be a good thing, on the other it tends to make it very hard for a person to know how to choose a real estate agent to help them find the right home. Thanks to the Internet it has become far easier to search for real estate agents in a particular area than at any time in the past.

Where once the only option you had was to use the local phone book and start calling around, you can now read detailed real estate agent reviews online. Not only does this allow you to get a good feel for what they have to offer, but also their personality and how far they are willing to go in order to help their clients find the perfect home. All of these are very important details as any real estate agent can blindly show the homes in their listing, but it takes one that is truly interested not only in his job but his clients to show you those homes he feels will fit what you need.

Should Your Choice of Real Estate Agents Be Familiar with the Neighborhood?

One question that seems to come up with regard to choosing real estate agents or even a realty company is as to whether or not you should make your choice based on how well they know the neighborhood. Consider the question in this manner, if you were buying a new Mercedes would you be more likely to buy it from a salesman that was intimately familiar with this brand of car or a Ford salesman that has done little more than the most basic of research on the brand?

The obvious answer is that you would buy your new car from the salesman that knows the brand. The same theory should apply to the realty company you choose. While you can read hundreds of real estate agent reviews that might say which agents have the best reputation, this is not enough. Choosing an agent who is intimately familiar with the specific neighborhood you want to live in makes the most sense.


These real estate agents are more likely to be honest about what it is like to live there, where the best shopping is, how good the schools really are and more. They know what daily life in the neighborhood is like and will be in a much better position to answer all of your questions. Choosing someone that knows the name of the neighborhood and little else that can't be found online, can result in your ending up with a home that is more of a disappointment than the dream home you are looking for.