Home Inspections

When it comes to purchasing a home it’s a must do to have a home inspection.  You normally get a home inspection once the home is under contract and its part of the contracts contingencies.  It’s not uncommon however for a home buyer to do a pre-inspection before they put in an offer especially when they know they will be faced with competition from other buyers.

How To Find A Home Inspector

A real estate agent is great referral source for a good home inspector.  You can also go online and read reviews posted by past home buyers.

Why do I need one?

Buying a home is a major purchase. You want to know exactly what you are buying and to see if you are buying into any potential problems.  A good home inspector can point out any defect or future issues with the home. You can also usually negotiate with a seller if any problems arise.

What will it costs?

A home inspection averages around $450 for a 2000 sq. foot home and around $300 for a condo

Does it Pass or Fail?

An inspector doesn’t pass or fail a home. The inspector simply lets you know if there are any issues with the home. It’s up to the buyers to decide what to do with the information the home inspector provides.

What does it include?

For a home the inspection includes the exterior and interior of the home.
A condo inspection generally just includes the interior space if the HOA takes care of exterior.
You may have to hire separate inspectors for a sewer scope, septic system, or if the property has a well.

What Do They Inspect?

Here are some items that a home inspector may inspect
Roofs, Siding, Windows, Garage Doors, Heating Systems, Chimneys, Gutters, Fascia Boards, Walkways, Exterior Paint, Foundations, Standing water issues, Foliage touching or overhanging on the home, Electrical, Plumbing, Appliances, Doors, Stairs, Railings, Attic ,Crawl Space, Light switches, Electrical outlets, GFI Switches, Exhaust fans, Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Bank Owned Properties

If it’s a bank owned home call in advance and make sure the utilities are turned on during the inspection.

What Are Common Issues?

A few common issues found at home inspections are hot water tanks past their life expectancies, furnaces that need servicing, dirty ducts, foliage touching or overhanging on the home, no GFI outlets in the kitchen or bathrooms, and rodent issues in the crawl space.